Wednesday, January 05, 2005

More New York Insanity

Some yahoo on the New York City council penned, presented, and manged to get passed a law basically making gun manufacturers absolutely liable for any injury that occurs from the firearms the manufacturer produces. How the weapon is procured from the FFL and how it makes its way into the hands of criminals is of no bearing to their measure of negligence.

For those of you without legal or insurance background, absolute liability is a real bitch. Certain inherently dangerous items (and these are defined by precedent mostly) are held to a higher standard of care than say, a ladder. Such things include explosives and some other stuff I don't remember. Whereas a construction crew is blasting a tunnel in a mountain and some explosives are discharged unintentionally, the manufacturer of the explosive cannot negotiate or argue that they were %20 at fault and the drunk with the plunger was 80% negligent. Liability is absolute. The manufacturer has to bite the pillow.

That is in essence what Councilman (I wish they called them Alderman like they do in Chicago; that word makes me think guilty, corrupt liberal) David Yassky has accomplished with this well thought-out piece of legislation.

"Starting today, if they don't clean up their act, they're going to face
stiffpenalties in courts of law and have to pay compensation to the victims,"
saidCouncilman David Yassky, the legislation's main sponsor.

What particular act Mr. Yassky feels needs to be cleansed is beyond me. The gun industry is one of the most over-regulated manufacturing sectors there are. So basically what dumbass is saying, and consequently passed into law, is that they should stop plying their trade or charge so much they can pay out enormous settlements. By the time my grandchildren are of age, a run of the mill S&W revolver will cost as much as a fucking Lexus.

The mayor said Wednesday the legislation would "help immeasurably" in
keepingthe city safe and he would sign it into law.

And of course that hard-nosed Republican bastard of a mayor is at the ready with the veto pen. Remind me again why New York even has a Republican party?

Other aspects of the package include a gun safety provision, passed 41-4,
thatincreases the fine from $10,000 to $25,000 for anyone using assault

So if you're thinking about cleaning out your gutters with that Browning .50 caliber, think again. What the hell does "use" mean? Not to get this going, but WTF is an assault weapon again? As far as I know, any federal definition of that term has been expunged.

They passed more asininity, like raising the legal age to purchase a rifle or shotgun from 18 to 21 and prohibiting the purchase of said weapons except at 90 day intervals.

I go back to my San Francisco argument. All of these things passed with an overwhelming majority. If these people actually value any of their rights, they wouldn't vote these assholes into office. You dig your hole, that's where you lie.

You and I seem to be ranting about the same thing here...

Another feel good law that won't do jack shit to stop crime.

I wonder if David Yassky is a Lawyer since it seems that they are the only ones that have something to gain here...

You going to Boomershoot yet??? I have room at my shooting position for more than just me... In other words Boooooommmmmerrrrrrshooooooottt....

Kirk (as if I needed to put that in there after the Boomershoot reference)
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