Thursday, January 13, 2005

Lazy, Linking not Thinking

It has been a rough week so I'm giving you my limited blog experience this week:

First off, I just got my vetrinarian (I may have spelled that wrong) brother to start a blog. A fucking dog-doctor blog. Sweet; I told him if you are into weird crap, you will find an audience. We also agreed that the first post should have a strong disclaimer as to taking any kind of medical advice for animals from his site.

Additionally, Head has made the best argument for limited gun control I have ever seen.

The Geek is still playing with plastic BB guns.

Everyone has seen the Million Mom fat-ass sack, but I am posting a link anyway. BTW, the pistol featured in this photo-op is a CZ PO-1. If anyone has any idea where to find a decent (LH) holster, please let me know.

Say Uncle bitches about 10 things that drive him nuts. I disagree with him on one important point: I piss into the water even if I am going out on a date. That's what fans are for. Also, if the chick happens to hear you pissing, that is nothing compared to the wrath that will come down on you if you spray the edge.

Check out my brother's site, if you get a chance. I know a lot of you own dogs and the like. I don't. I hate animals. But it seems to me, from my limited experience, gun-owners own dogs.

And I'm sure at some point he can fill you in on the fine art of performing a necrospy:

I wouldn't recommend you ask him what the hell this is.

Enjoy dinner.

Shit, I'm getting quesy.

You mentioned you wanted to find a quality holster for your CZ pistol. I recently bought one from K&D holsters (heard about them from Justin Buists log) for my Springfield, custom made for $60. He will custom make a holster for any gun, very good quality hand-made in the USA, and Kevin over there is the nicest guy ever. They have a website, but if you can't find 'em, send me an email (shaneherney'AT'yahoo'DOT'com)and I can dig up the phone number.

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