Monday, January 31, 2005

Cheek Weld

Had an interesting response from, what I assume to be a military guy.

In posting pictures of the scope set-up on my rifle, he had the following to say:

Scope looks a little high to me. I'd tape a couple of layers of closed-cell 1/4
inch foam on the cheek area until I had a cheekpiece built up that would give me
a heck of a custom cheek-weld. For Iraq-bound troops shooting scoped M14s we are
using green ammo-can foam and green duct tape. Put it on ONE layer at a time and
build it up. It will also keep your fingertips from breaking your lip under
recoil, by just moving your head up.IMPO, of course. You may have a chin like
Paul Bunyan.

In fact, I do not have a chin like Paul Bunyan; I don't even own a blue ox. SOL on that one.

The stock is laminate, so I hesitate to mount anything that is adhesive to it for fear of unwrapping it like an onion.

That being the case, a cheek-weld seems to be in order with a configuration as F***ed up as mine. The best I've seen seems to be from Brownell's: Same model but in variable heights.
This will take some shooting to determine what kind of eye elevation I require.

If anyone else has some brilliant ideas, feel free to chime in, becase I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Cheek weld is also hard on a CAR. You can see here:

Bottom pic where I used double sticky tape and some bits of bicycle inner tube to attach a foam pad to my car stock to improve cheek weld. Doesn't look too bad. I recommend it as it does aid in target acquisition.

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