Saturday, January 01, 2005

"Boomers" Catch Crap Every Time

Comment from the "Old Man" - "Boomer" and proud of it.

I just get tired of "boomers" getting blamed for everything - social security, global warming, liberalism, the sad state of income tax, the great society, the Viet Nam War, pollution, obesity, smoking, the poor public education system, to anything else wrong you can think of.

I do know that us "boomers" put together the most successful and abundant economy in the history of the world. That our total tax burden and the price of gasoline is less than damn near any other developed coutry. It was "boomer" Bush that formulated the historic reaction to 9/11 and, won two wars in record time with few casulaties. It was "boomer" Gates that gave us the computer revolution that enables me to say these words. It was "boomer" Limbaugh that re-invented talk radio. It was "boomers" that invented rock and roll, the Big Mac, the cell phone, the transister, the computer chip, the mico wave oven, the AR-15, etc. And the list goes on (if you think about it, you can come up with some).

All the non "boomers" (with the exception of the troops in the military) basically sit on the sidelines and bitch about the state of the world. Just look at the under 30 stats voting in the last election. I would really like to see some of them looking forward instead of constantly looking backward in order to blame things on someone else.

End of rant.

You call yourself an adult, yet you only want to accept credit for the good things your generation has done?

Take some responsibility.
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