Saturday, January 22, 2005

Blog Obituary?

Kevin at Smallest Minority brought to my attention that Mrs. DuToit has quit blogging. This is a disappointment, in many ways. She was always the voice of reason when crap like the Fish or Man debate was going on.

It seems to be completely off-line, as the link now states the following:

System Offline
January 20, 2005: This blog/site is no longer in service. I
apologize for any bad links which sent you here only to find this message. Thank
you to all who played and contributed over the years.
See you in
With warmest and best regards to all who deserve it,Connieaka "The

This is disappointing. Not only was Connie a good blogger, but she gave me the best advice when it seemed like the Wisconsin Laotian community was going to pool their resources to put out a hit on me.

Her reason and rationality was an asset that will be sorely missed.


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