Thursday, December 16, 2004

You're sure to meet a bunch of gentle people there

A lot has been written on the SFChronicle article today. Publicola gives it a proper dressing down. The story was broken by Jed at Freedom Sight and James at Hell in a Handbasket. I don't claim to be as eloquent or knowledgable as any of these people, however, I have a different take.

What is being proposed is going to be put to a vote. If citizens are willing to voluntarily relinquish their rights, who am I to argue? It seems that the people of California, and especially San Francisco, are not shy about shredding their rights little by little. They seem to be almost gleeful as they do it. Fine. They don't live in Jesusland. And their going to have the Ninth Circuit on their side when it gets to the courts, so any precedent you can quote is completely extemporaneous.

I have a dear friend who lives in San Francisco. I have known this woman since early high school. As years have gone by, I have become increasingly conservative and she has become increasingly liberal. She has 2 children and is completely in favor of gun control. She moved to SF because it is a liberal town.

The plain fact is, if you want 2A rights, don't live in Cali, especially San Francisco.

The responsibility lies not with city supervisors, but with the people. If the people are lost, so is the issue. Say hello to Murder Capitol #3.

Darn good points. It has often been remarked out that when major civil liberties are taken away, it's usually the misguided public sitting around cheering the confiscation. If the communists out there want no freedom, who are we to stop them? I just won't travel there anymore, and I really like SF. Beautiful place, if you were to remove the majority of the people and send them all to Cuba.

I have a cousin living in SF, and she's now officially a liberal-nut job. Fine. I hope she stays there, because I don't want her polluting Texas any further.

It's painful to watch, though.

I'm somewhat sympathetic to Kyle's point, but I think that as long as San Francisco is in the United States of America, then the people there should have the same Constitutional rights as any other American citizen. The same goes for Washington DC or any other Liberal mecca. The Constitution needs to be fully restored to every inch of this country.

Yosemite Sam
Actually I was responding to this point, not Kyle's:

"What is being proposed is going to be put to a vote. If citizens are willing to voluntarily relinquish their rights, who am I to argue?"

--Yosemite Sam
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