Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Wacko Vacation Spots

Given that the interim between Christmas and the new year seems to have slowed news, blogs, business, and, to be frank, anything but sleep for me, I thought I would throw out a couple vacation options for the new year.

First off is BoomerShoot (h/t to Limpidity for this one). This appears to be a once or twice a year event, in which you have several days of intensive clinics regarding fine-tuning your long-range rifle abilities. After the two days, you have a day on a 700+ range in which the targets are ammonium-nitrate based explosives. So when you hit the target, you are rewarded with an explosion. This range is located somewhere in Idaho. They have not posted prices for the event, but seem accomodating to the point that if you have a non-real person, non-political target you would like to blow up (the example they use is Barney the purple dinosaur), they will be happy to stick an explosive filled cardboard tube up his ass so you can vaporize him.

The next spot I spied (h/t to my old man) is the Elk Mountain Resort. This seems to be a vacation spot geared more towards my fat-ass lifestyle, where a bed, a beer, and indoor plumbing are absolutely essential ingredients to any new experience. One can pick between the lodge and cottages for their quarters. Activities include wine-tasting, rock-climing, holistic healing, bird watching, billiards, etc. Additionally, they have a shoot club located on their resort that includes trap shooting and a live-fire shoot house. This would be the main attraction for me, expecially if I could take a hot shower afterwards, before sampling some fine wine (I eschew massages.) Their rates are posted and you can spend between $310 and $2,500 a night. I suspect that this does not include the wristband that gets you onto any ride for the whole afternoon. The resort is located right outside of Montrose, Colorado (which I'm not too far from.)

In any case, I though with the holidays coming to a close, some of us could begin to think about Spring and Summer vacations. Other options include Frontsight, which Spoons went, saw and described.

UPDATE: In the comments section of this post, Joe Huffman, the proprietor of Boomershoot, leaves some badly needed clarification that my crack research staff failed to provide me. Joe also links to his blog, which is better run than this one. Check him out, as I've never seen a link to his blog before.

Finally, I don't know whether it's tongue in cheek or not, but please do not take any offense if I refer to you as a "wacko" or a "nut." If I start calling you a "pinko" or "a seditious piece of pusillanimous shit," get offended.

Boomershoot is just a once a year event. In 1999 there were two events with a third planned but an unplanned fire the day following the event in July precluded there ever being another event during fire season (May 15 through October 15). From October through April it's too wet and/or cold.

Rates for Boomershoot 2005 are posted here:

The exact location:

The FAQ (for media types):

General information for people interested in attending:

Photos and video:

Media coverage (including Newsweek and Outside Magazine):

Any further questions can be answered by sending an email to JoeH@boomershoot.org

Thanks for the mention (even if do you call it 'WACKO').

Event Director

Thanks for the clarification. It truly sounds like a great setup.

Also, don't take offense to the "wacko" designation. I'm a self-described "nut," so when the shoe fits, wear it.


I wasn't quite sure how to express the smirk on my face in words as I whined about being called a wacko. It was late and I decided to just let it go. My fault for letting you sweat about it. Sorry. Don't worry about it. If you read the Outside Magazine article (http://www.boomershoot.org/2004/guilty_pleasures_10.html) you will find that I am "a self-described gun-nut". And in the subtitle of my blog I describe myself as a "red-necked, knuckle-dragging, Neanderthal".
Elk Mountain Resort is an over-priced, poorly staffed, weakly managed excuse for a vacation getaway. Just ask any represenative from Cartier who attended a conference there recently and swore never to return. Much of what they say in their promotional material is simply not true. I for one will never go back.
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