Monday, December 13, 2004

Too Good to Pass Up On

A Scotsman article titled Call to Sharpen up Penalty for Knives , pretty much says it all. This is another "families of victims" story.

FAMILIES of stabbing victims were today set to launch a campaign calling on the Government to make carrying a knife as serious as carrying a gun.

I don't know what y'all do with knives, but generally I use them to open boxes, cut straps, cut rope, etc. To compare a knife to a gun is nigh on idiotic. Knives have specific functions. Don't get me wrong, I carry knives that are designed for killing people. They are the best back up weapon. But the Kingdom wants to strip citizens of any capability of defending themselves. The limeys voted for 'em, so I don't feel that much pity when they experience a home invasion or mugging.

The group, which includes Damilola Taylor’s father, will demand ministers introduce a five-year minimum jail term for carrying an object with a blade longer than three inches, which would equalise the penalties for knives and guns.

My push-dagger is longer than 3 inches for crying out loud. Boot knife is about 2 1/2", so these people would be limited to carrying a pen-knife without risking half a decade in prison? A guy who happened to have a knife is cooped up with a serial rapist? These people are insane.

They also want a six-month minimum jail term for carrying a blade shorter than three inches, or three months for juveniles.

So they don't want you carrying a blade longer than 3 inches, but they also don't want you carrying a blade that's shorter than 3 inches. It sounds like they want to ban knives. Given how they're gun control attempts have been so successful, a knife ban makes sense.

Next they are going to ban hammers, screwdrivers, flashlights and axes.

Mr Walmsley said the current knife laws were a "sick joke". Mr Taylor, whose ten-year-old son was killed in London in 2000, said they have "no effect at all" and the Government has to realise "enough was enough".

What exactly is going to be enough for Mr. Walmsley? Fire pokers, shovels, and weed-eaters banned? The "sick joke" is that this man wants to absolutely ban any citizen of the ability to protect their children and loved ones. This always makes me think of Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine, where you have the, admittedly, heartsick father of a victim who turns into an anti-gun activist. The Tec-9 was covered by the assault weapons ban but had little impact on the ability of an 18-year old punk obtaining one. What if his child would have been killed in front of him in his own home and he was completely stripped of any ability to react due to Feelgood 'gummint regulations?

The death of a child, whether by gun, knife, or hands (can we ban those?) is a terrible thing. However, murder will never be extinguished while free will exists. That might be a bit of a bitter pill to swallow, but it is a fact.

The maximum jail sentence for possession of a knife will double, while new measures will be used to control the sale of knives.

Yeah, criminals are always worried about time serving the state. That's a deterrant like shooting a squirt-gun at a home invader.

The ability to kill in any society does not necessarily rely on tools. Will is all that is needed.

I've noticed a trend in European films as far as characters bludgeoning one another with fire extinguishers. If that's all that's available, it will suffice.

BTW, in case you didn't notice, the title of this article is a witty reparte. "Sharpen" the "Penalty for Knives." Do you get it? Knives? Sharp?

A "blade longer than three inches" is already against the law in Massachusetts. I tell people that when they buy steak knives, they'd better have the store deliver them.

Carrying a knife in the City of Rome was against the law of the Republic: did Julius Caeser a lot of good, right?

You are spot on. And the people who are killed everyday in DC with handguns, including "the children" really haven't benefited much.

BTW. Post more on your site.

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