Sunday, December 19, 2004

Tactical light update

For those of you who follow or are interested by this sort of thing (and a lot of you aren't) James at Hell In a Handbasket linked to a post I did several months ago.

The main thrust of my post, was that I wanted to be able to paint a target without leveling a muzzle at the subject. I have several rail-mounted lights for both my CZ and Glock, but that violates one of my big safety rules: you do not point unless you have every intention of shooting.

Since that post, I have bought several lights (a lot of money.) My first pick was The Geek and The Head's recommendation. This is an economical design that most people would have no problem forking out for; the Surefire G2. I carried it for several weeks. One Saturday, I ended up taking a nap and didn't remove the multi-tool or light from my belt. When I woke up, I thought a kidney was failing me. Somehow, through the soft sheath, I managed to actuate the light, burn through the nylon sheath, and begin to burn myself. I was a little freaked out, to say the least. Lesson: take shit off your belt or you will stab, burn, or otherwise maim yourself. This is not Surefire's fault, but my lazy ass.

This is a very good personal light, however I had money to spend and options. The next score was the Z2 Combatlight. I bought this one with a hard sheath, due to the incident mentioned above.

This is a good light as well (the NRA endorses a version of it), however I found it to be a bit bulky for everyday carry.

So, I bought another one. The Executive Defender is what I currently carry daily. I like this light because it is a bit smaller and has a better bezel design to prevent fat fucks like me rolling over and burning their fat asses. Also, it is a bit more ergonomic. Finally, it has a serrated bezel on both ends which makes it ideal for a last resort hand weapon. It's size also means that ladies at the office don't freak out. It is inconspicuous to carry.

Streamlight still provides a good product. The M-3 is still mounted on my CZ-PO1. I haven't reviewed any of their handheld flashlights, but intend to in the future.

As a Glock or a 1911 is usually my primary weapon, I'm happy to have a light that does not mount, but is easily accessible in most situations.

The other thing Hell In a Handbasket and Cowboy Blob brought up, is that much like racking a pump shotgun, light can be the ultimate deterrant. My main concern was the direction of the beam having to be the same as the muzzle. I have corrected that and have been practicing with the appropriate stance/grip.

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Take care.


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