Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Spitzer's War Against Guns (toy ones, at least)

Much like San Francisco's deserving their handgun ban, if they ever manage to get it done, New York is uniquely deserving of its very talented Attorney General, who will probably be guiding the ship of state after the gubernatorial election.

With a mayor like Bloomberg and a Guv like Spitzer, that state will quickly turn into the cesspool that Guliani managed to cover up for a couple of years.

Outside of coming after the industry I work in and threatening to nationalize insurance regulation (you think your premiums are high now?), he's managed to go after Smith & Wesson and any number of various and sundry professions. The man takes pride in fucking with other mens' livelihoods.

To wit, he has taken it upon his shoulders to wield the fight for the common man against unscrupulous TOY GUN WHOLESALERS. This man stops at nothing to do the right thing for "the children."

ALBANY, N.Y. -- A settlement with major national wholesalers has pulled thousands of toy guns that violate New York state law from shelves, many of them from a new target: Costume shops.

Did you catch that? Costume shops? This asshat wants to put me out of business, but I should be worried about toy guns from costume shops.

The wholesalers were estimated to have distributed more than 12,000 toy guns in 2001 alone in violation of a state law that previously had been applied only to retailers.

Now I'm not sure about the subtleties involved in NY gun law, but if the law didn't apply to wholesalers in 2000, why should it all of a sudden be a bludgeon for the state to beat down legitimate enterprises with? I think Spitzer is starting to think he's the whole Supreme Court wrapped up in one freak looking head.

Spitzer said the distributors sold toy guns that violated a 15-year-old state law that bans realistic toy guns unless they had permanent, usually inch-wide orange stripes running down both sides of the barrel.

As with real firearms, this puts a burden on the consumer. If a company has to install features on a certain product in order for that product to be legally distributed in a state, there are potentially 50 different versions of the product.

"Realistic-looking toy guns pose a threat to the law enforcement community and to the general public," Spitzer said. "My office's agreements with these two wholesalers will help keep unsafe toys off the shelves of scores of retail stores across the state and possibly prevent tragic incidents."

Notice the dickhead doesn't state that keeping "unsafe toys off the shelves" may "possibly prevent tragic incidents." No facts, no support, just the old, tired Clinton philosophy that if you spend 3 billion dollars on something and it doensn't improve, throw yeat more money at it.

When I can't get a decent capgun for my kid that isn't orange and the Fed has booted me out of a job, I'll know who to be thanful for.

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