Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Rise and Fall of NBC

I know that the favorite network to hit is CBS, right now. That network has never chapped my ass near as bad as NBC. Case in point, this Brokaw Retiring story is bigger than Reagan's death was. And Reagan actually changed some shit (you know, little shit like shattering the Evil Empire, and all that.) You'd think the entire nation was in mourning about this crusty old barnacle finally letting go.

People are crying about it, for Christ's sake. Hell, Tom's crying about it too. I was drinking water and putting on clothes and, equipment, this morning while watching this guy get choked up with Katy Couric.

Goodbye Tom, you weren't that bad, but don't fool yourself, you weren't that good either.

What's really got my tit caught in the wringer is this Olbermann louse. I don't know where he comes from (I think he is a former sportscaster, but I may be wrong) and I have no idea what NBC plans to do with him.

I've never run into this guy before because I don't have cable. In fact 20 minutes of the Today show is about all I catch. But since the election they've let this jerkoff run a blog on their site that makes DemocratUnderground look like a Washington think tank. They even put up a little caricature of this runt with an exaggerated head. Self-parody gets no better than this.

In any case, this whelp seems to think he can trailblaze his career off of the "Crime of Ohio."

You people just need to let it go. And no, no matter how many recounts are done, Badnarik is not going to win.

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