Thursday, December 09, 2004

Range Report

After 6 weeks, I finally made it to the range today. Primarily trying to sight in a fixed sight Colt Commander (a difficult task at best.) Also finally got to shoot the Taurus 8-shot .357 mentioned about a month ago.

The .357 shot extremely well; As I've said, I'm just not a revolver guy. I enjoy shooting the pistol, but it will never rank with Glocks and 1911's.

Today we were primarily trying to burn up some weak .45 ammo. This shit wouldn't cycle the slide, caused multiple jams, etc. We burned it up because ammo tends to mix it up at some point. The ammo acted better than we anticipated and we basically plinked water jugs, while fucking around with the Taurus.

Also had a Mossberg 590 that I bought a couple of months ago and hadn't fired. Don't tell anybody, but this shotgun has no useful sporting purpose, as far as I can tell.

That killed the water bottles I was popping with .45's all afternoon.

All in all, a plinker. Can't brag about tight groups or any of that shit. Just shot the crap out of some stuff. Beats work.

I have found Taurus to be an excellent firearms company. Their revolvers are pretty high quality, and their autos don't appear bad either. I owned a 7 shot .357 snubbie for awhile, and I shot it better than any other revolver I have owned. The best thing was that I bought it for less than $300.

I've been quite impressed. In fact, I am plotting to pick up one of their titanium snub jobs sometime soon.

As stated, I generally don't like revolvers. The Taurus, however, has convinced me that they can be fun guns to shoot.

As far as the quality: Yes, now I seem to be a bit more intrigued by the Taurus semi-autos. We will see how the political situation goes in Brazil. The whole company could be seized by a Southern American equivalent of Mugabe.
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