Thursday, December 09, 2004

Natural Selection

This one is pretty rich and the Old Man set it to me today.

For those of you who don't know, I'm left handed. For those of you who don't know, it sucks. For those of you trying to find left-handed bolts that are worth a shit, don't bother.

Finally, some Frogs did a study on this anomoly we call left-handedness. From what I understand of this article, either we are very adept at melee combat from the womb, or we represent a psychopathic influx into sociey that Darwin and his turtles haven't been able to abate or extinguish.

To me, you pick your nose and scratch your ass with a different hand, but outside of that the only distinguishing characteristic is that you catch brass in the head from your own gun. Charming. And don't get me started on how Garands hate our kind...

i too suffer from left handedness, but i usually just end up deemed as "the devil" by my peers. Im not sure about the gun issue i haven't fired one in years, living in Canada, you would think there would be more time, yet in the eyes of some that would be considered "unfortunate" but its not a big deal. so reasonablenut i understand the lefthanded connundrum (i hope to god i spelled that one right) and i too fail to see the women crying out about men and teenage girls with nothing better to do than talk about nailpolish or whatever teenagers do these days....on their weblogs, as a young woman, i fail to see where that would even get someone.....but as a "virgin blogger" i must admit, my blog is pretty lame.....oh well, thems the breaks, i randomized passed this blog and felt the need to comment. im not too sure why....and now i am rambling...
Why you guys never give me a hint confounds me. In any case, if you don't leave your blog address, I can't check it out. So what good does it do when you grumble about how your blog sucks? Speak out about what a terrible blog it is and people will read it. And don't post anonymously.
I am also a leftie... My worst left handed experience was with the Military. The M16A1 that I was issued loved to throw brass down my BDU top. Every shot would put that spent casing strait into my top, not fun especially on full auto.

The newer uppers have a nice little brass deflector built in and that has solved that problem.

I am in the process of looking at buying/building my first bolt action rifle. You can bet it will be a left handed weapon...

I can shoot almost equally as well with either hand now after years of practice but when it counts it is in my left hand. Archery is always right handed though...

Left-handed shootin irons...

They are out there... Somewhere I saw a left-handed version of the ar-15, but I couldn't find it today. Of course they aren't cheap.
As to Kirk's post, I've always found the brass deflector to be very LH friendly on ARs. Garands are a different story.

Deb is right that Remington has a fine line of 700 model LH rifles. I bought a heavy barrel .223 bolt about 6 months ago and it is a sweet rifle. I'd buy some cheaper rifles before going custom.

DPMS has a customized AR upper for lefties, but as stated, they are almost unnecessary.

A properly lubed Garand should put 7 out of eight pieces of barss at 1 O'Clock. The 8th will go to 3 O'Clock. I'll grant the last one can be a little disconcerting, but brass ejection shouldn't be an issue for lefties. Keeping your hand clear of the op rod though - I understand.

First High Power match I shot I took a buddy with me. He was lefty. We were both using the same loaner Garand & it took him a while to get used to it. Rapid re-loading wasn't easy to say the least.

I did see something a while back that you'd appreciate. Can't recall the site but Griffin & Howe & some other well known gun maker had made a few left handed bolt guns out of 1903 actions back in the 20's. Of course the machine work was very very nice. The price was up there but that kind of quality would be worth it.

I will not deign to consider myself to have more expertise on the Garand rifle. However, as a lefty, I can vouch for the LH Garand experience. 3 out of 8 pieces of brass tend to hit my right ear muff. This seems to be louder than not wearing ear protection at all.

At the end of a cycle, the clip then pops out and, 50% of the time, hits me in the head.

I have only shot my father's Garand, and constantly refer to it as the rifle that hates me. He owns a Springfield, which most purists consider something short of crap, from what he tells me (he patrols the Garand forums, I take care of the AR forums.)

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