Friday, December 24, 2004


Have a wonderful Christmas.

If you get bored I recommend the Weird Web-cam Romanian Fat Guy Lip-Syncing A Top-Ten German Song. The future of vid-blogging.

In other news, don't buy you're kid a Red Ryder BB gun, as it could run amok and kill all your neighbors. If anybody can verify the "15 deaths and 171 serious injuries" that the Red Ryder has wrought, please email me about it. I bought one of these babies for my friend's eight year old daughter. I didn't chronograph the thing, but as near as i can tell, with the wind at your back, you rack a whopping 110 fps with one of these killing machines.

Take a cue from "Christmas Story," the icicles on your garage are probably more dangerous than anything you bought yourself or your kid.

Update: h/t tip to Goldberg at NRO. He is my wacky though astute, Romanian lip-sync weird crap Guy.

Tip him, he's underpaid.

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