Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Massachusetts encroachment (Yet Again)

Everytime I think there is nothing worth commenting on in the MSM, I am proven wrong with a Yahoo news search. This one is courtesy of USA Today, a paper I don't subscribe to.

BOSTON — With a quick electronic scan of a fingerprint, gun shop owners in Massachusetts will know immediately if a customer is eligible to buy a weapon, using a system that officials say is the first of its kind in the nation.
The Massachusetts Instant Record Check System, developed over the past six years with nearly $7 million in technology grant money, will be in place in all police departments and gun shops across the state by next summer. It is currently operating in three shops and about 140 police departments.

Well, 7 million dollars seems to be a lot of money to encroach on the fourth amendment. But these people don't live in America, they live in Massachusetts, by choice.

The system gives police and gun-shop owners instant access to updated information about arrest warrants and restraining orders which was not readily accessible under the old paperwork-intensive system.
"It represents a real quantum leap in public-safety information-technology applications," said Public Safety Secretary Ed Flynn, who planned to unveil the new system Wednesday at the Four Seasons Firearms shop in Woburn.

Sorry Ed, you wouldn't know a quantum leap if it launched you into the Bronze Age. Given that I don't know what "public-safety information-technology applications" are, I doubt you could find your ass with both hands. This bring to mind Alphecca's Weekly Check on Bias the week before this. Jeff covers an NPR story where the reporter follows some dumb-ass to the gun store. The man's too ignorant to know he is being used. What got me laughing my ass off was the picture of the willing fool. He's standing there with an AR and some muffs for NPR. Jeff named the picture npr_stooge.jpg. Brilliant.

Anyway Ed, there's no picture but you are a stooge, my friend. Wait there's more from Ed:

"This enables us to make sure that the only people bearing arms in the commonwealth have the right to bear arms," he said.

Hey Ed, I never noticed that criminals in Massachusetts or anywhere else bothered with the legality issue. They don't do Bradys, so why the hell would they get fingerprinted?

Gun owners have long complained that the process of getting a license is cumbersome and time-consuming, often taking weeks or months.

Simple solution; sell guns like you do knives or shovels or frozen salami or any other potentially deadly weapon. If gun-owners in this state are this cowed (and our famous hunter turned presidential candidate is a product of the Commonwealth) they ought to have to give blood and stool samples to purchase a gun.

It also eliminates paperwork for gun-shop owners, who now have to pay 50 cents per form per gun, and alert the state of each sale.
"You hit the button. Before the customer leaves the store, the state knows they purchased that firearm," said Carl Ingrao, owner of Four Seasons Firearms in Woburn.

Carl, like Ed, is one of the edified citizens of Woburn, a town I will now avoid like scabies. This prick actually seems chuffed that he can update the governments records on an individual with the click of a button.

Jim Wallace, executive director of the Gun Owners Action League, said the state had not involved gun owners in the development of the technology. But he was looking forward to Flynn's demonstration and hopeful the system would cut down on the wait and paperwork for licensing.
"We don't support licensing anyway, but it's a fact of life here in Massachusetts," Wallace said, "and if you're going to mandate it, you better provide it."

Jim Wallace, the director of something I've never heard of, is interested to see Ed's demonstration. Hopefully it doesn't involve paper cups and string. Meanwhile, Mr. Wallace is non-supportive (not against) of licensing. So he figures if the governments gonna bugger you, they ought to have the courtesy to use some vaseline.

With pro-2A friends like this, why do you need the Bradys?

And I hope Ed's demonstration goes off better than planned. He's an ambitious soul who's got his eye on the future.

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