Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Liberal Emeritus Retiring

Susan Sontag died. My sympathy goes out to her family and friends. A loss like that is devastating to an unknown number of people who loved her. May she rest in peace.

That being said, there has been a lot about intellectuals that has been tossed around the internet like so many sterile beans. Derbyshire at NRO disappointed me by actually giving hay to the notion that some people, for whatever reasons, stand out as far and above us Plebians.

No offense to anyone, but if you call yourself an intellectual, I will probably try to plant a boot up your ass. I am not as well spoken as many people commenting; I don't possess the patience or Sophistry to argue fine points, because stupidity pisses me off.

While I never glee in a human death, the Sontag retirement has made me realize that, starting with Zinn, we are starting to see the hardcore 60's radicals die out.

If Mailer, Vidal, and Chomsky all succumb to bedsores and regularity concerns, this country might be saved. Might.

"If you meet the Budha in the road, kill him."

Anyone claiming the status of "enlightened" is probably a snake-oil salesman.
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