Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Lazy Round-up

I feel very sorry for Spoons, and I am not usually one to take pleasure or profit from the misfortune of another. But damned, ever since he screwed up his back he has been addictive, like the Percocets he's taking. He didn't post at all on Saturday (I think), and I got a tad worried. He's back with the MRI for working people info.

Dave Kopel is guest-blogging over at GlennReynolds.com. Not that either of them need any exposure. This confounded me as to how Glenn got Kopel through the MSNBC door. Doesn't somebody monitor that site for kooks?

Additionally, once I get my ass in gear Six Meat Buffet will be added to the blogroll.

In further news, Kirk at Limpidity takes me to task for not responding to all you sickos who manage to comment on posts.

Other than that, I think a couple of Hmong groups would still pay you dearly if you want to take a shot at the Nut's head.

And donate, dammit. Castle Arrgh is kicking our asses.

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