Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Good Manufacturer Experience

Be forewarned, this is an airgun related post. The weather, work, etc. have all conspired to keep me from the range. In my times of want, I fall back upon Benjamin's custom indoor airgun range.

Several weeks back, I was shooting my Gamo Shadow on a Saturday evening. This rifle cocks easy, is powerful, comfortable and accurate. It shipped to me with a BSA 3x .22 scope with dovetail mounts. They must have sited it in at the factory because it is accurate as all hell at the range I'm shooting at and I've never had to make any serious adjustments except to compensate for my cant.

In any case, a certain shot occured and something popped up into the reticle. It looked like a small piece of yarn, but depending on what lens it was on, it could have been bigger or smaller. I shook it around and it would move, but not clear the field of view. I called my "scope expert" and he told me he'd never run into anything like that.

The week before last, I bunged it into a box and sent it to BSA service outlet, or whatever. I explained that it came with the Gamo, which I purchased in February from an online retailer, and that I didn't even have the documentation for that purchase. At best, this is a $60.00 scope.

I kept expecting and email saying they couldn't help me out or that I needed further documentation. Last Thursday, less than a week from when I shipped it, I got a box via UPS with a brand spanking new scope in it. Same model. No explanation.

I have to say that this is the best customer service I have ever experienced, be it cars, knives, appliances, etc. Absolutely bullshit-free.

A BSA is definitely not a Leupold, but if you are shopping for a .22 or airgun scope, or even a red-dot (I've got a BSA on one of my uppers) this company will not dick you around based on my experience.

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