Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Desparate Chick: And You Could Make The Difference

Occasionally, I get weird hits as a result of the blogger "Next blog" randomizer.

I've come to realize that gunblogs are a blip on the screen compared to the massive amount of teenagers who run their own blogs. Everything from kids in Ohio planning their next trip to the mall online to recently broken up Japanese women who don't know what to do. It is extraordinary.

It is egocentric (but I guess that case may be made for blogging per se), ridiculous, and kind of depressing. These people are young and have the internet with which to change the world and they seem to wallow in their shallow worlds.

This one hit tonight:


She seems like a well intentioned lass. Stop by and tell her it isn't as bad as all that. In the end it will work out. And buy as much Lake City surplus as she can afford for when the zombie attack hits.

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