Friday, December 03, 2004


As to the old man's post, the background might be lacking. As anyone who has read this blog recently knows, I have been following the Chai Vang incident in Wisconsin. The approach I took was that of a media critic. The entire coverage seemed to revolve around A) assault weapons and B) race, culture, etc.

Total, I think I did five posts, the most vehement being the first one. Say Uncle linked to that post (thank you Uncle) and it seemed to pop up on a lot of google searches.

Last weekend I received some hatemail and there was a comment posted that warned me that "my mouth could kill me." This last Wednesday I was looking at my referrals and noticed I was getting some traffic from a blog I had never heard of: .

As I am in the habit of reciprocating blogrolls I checked it out and it is a site that out and out advocates my assassination.

I showed it to the old man Thursday night, because he does not check the email or do anything but post his views when he feels like it. I'm not even sure he could check the Sitemeter.

In any case, he notified and sent a note in to the Feebies.

The context of his post is that I posited the argument that it seems that only white people can be racist, according to the MSM, but the old man kind of lays bare the disparities between my arguments and my detractor (or sworn assasin) in his post, simply.

BTW, the old man may be short on words but long on meaning sometimes.

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