Saturday, December 18, 2004

Be Sure To Where Some Flowers In Your Hair

I feel the need to extrapolate on my position on the San Francisco gun deal.

While I noted that numerous commentators are vehemently against this, I said let those dumbasses do whatever they want to.

My reaction failed in several capacities.

While I really don't care if people in San Francisco can own guns or not, the larger issue is that it will be a precedent. If it is passed, litigated, appealed and ends up in the 9th circuit, nothing will make any difference. If it makes it to SCOTUS, that will be a different story; but we all know the Supreme Court prefers to spend their time watching porn than actually deciding Constitutional issues.

I live in New Mexico, where our courts cut and paste decisions off of the California court sites.

To be truthful, I think that if this passes, crime numbers will match those of DC in several years. Doubly, I don't think this will have much effect on the rest of the nation.

These people have the right to govern themselves in any loony fashion they see fit. (h/t to Cerebral Misfire for the legal commentary that makes me sound like I actually know what the fuck I'm talking about.)

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