Thursday, November 11, 2004

Yasir Ass Kiss

Brace yourselves for the media mourning of the oldest and original terrorist passing on to a pit of brimstone and torment.

It's late, but already the Washington Post has a fawning story up about the human debris the world was rid of today. I'm not going to fisk everything for the next week because we all know this guy was not Ronald Reagan for crying out loud. Here's some choice picks from the initial bleating:

A Dreamer Who Forced His Cause Onto World Stage

That is the title of the piece. A dreamer? How about murderer, thug, terrorist, fascist, etc. A thousand words come to mind before dreamer.

For virtually his entire adult life, Yasser Arafat had one dream, and he pursued it with such energy and zeal -- some would say fanaticism -- that he came to personify the dream itself

Some would say fanaticism? If you view killing innocent women and children as "zeal" I suppose this shitsack qualifies as a dreamer. What dream he personified was "dead Jews." Helluva dream.

The dream was of self-determination and statehood for the Palestinian people, and in the end he did not live to see it.

In the end, I hope he died a miserably painful death. Despite Ehud Barak giving him everything but the kitchen sink, he had no dream of statehood. He could have had it at any number of points in time. He didn't manage to drive Israel into the ocean, so I guess the poor butcher died with some regrets.

Such was his devotion to the cause that Arafat, who died early today at age 75 in a military hospital outside Paris, was willing to tolerate and embrace bloody acts of terror that made him an international pariah, and also to sign a peace agreement with Israel that inspired the wrath of some of his closest advisers, who considered it a sellout.

This is just vomit-inducing. His devotion was such that he was forced to tolerate terrorism? And Ted Bundy was such a lover he tolerated rape and murder to that end. Also, note to the Post, just because you sign a peace agreement doesn't mean you abide by it. The Soviets proved this 50 years ago. Also, what the hell is the Second Intifada? The statesman-like result of a peace treaty?

By dint of ruthless violence often directed at civilians, artful manipulation and the sheer theatrical force of his personality, he managed almost single-handedly to elevate the grievances of a few million disenfranchised Palestinians to a prominent place on the world's political agenda.

Now let's compare the theatrical force of his personality to ruthless violence. Well, can we? Are these two comparable? No.

And the only reason the Palestinians are disfranchised is because their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters considered them untouchables and kicked them out of Trans-Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, etc. And none of these countries has ever offered to take them back. Lest you forget, Yasir was born in Egypt.

Yet for all Arafat's public exposure, a sense of mystery remained about his essential nature and some of the basic facts of his life, thanks partly to his own efforts at obscuring them.

I'm on the edge of my seat about that one. What was his essential nature? What was Mohammed Atta's essential nature?

At the same time, let's not be unfair to Osama. With 35 brothers and sisters, there are bound to be childhood issues.

HOLY COW. I just got to the bottom of this piece and realize there are 3 more pages of this bilge. I'm stopping with the first for now. If the collective groaning continues tomorrow, I'll finish.

He was a terrorist, I'm glad he's dead, and I hope it was excruciatingly painful. His brain died at a certain point so the hope of pain is probably exaggerated on my part, but if there is a hell, he'll be burning while I go to sleep.

UPDATE: I will give the post credit for publishing this piece by Krauthammer (damn, that's a great name.)

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