Sunday, November 21, 2004

Weekend Roundup

The range usurpation and eminent domain arguments will continue between Kirk and I. I just think both of us have jobs and crap like that. Hat tip to Say Uncle who linked to our argument.

ZendoDeb has up a good point at TFS Magnum about the safety benefit many separated/divorced/"living with a psycho" women would have if they were armed. Of course, the laws are stacked against these individuals. Pull up stakes and move to D.C.; you'll be safe.

The Geek is always a bit economical with words, and that's a good thing. I can't think of anything to add on his comments on the soldier in Fallujah.

Jobs just plain suck... Takes away from all that good range time...

I spent my Saturday handing out flyers and doing a fundraiser for Direct Action which is a group that reports on and tries to influence what is going on in the committees in Annapolis (our state capitol).

Today I got some range time in so all is good with the world...

Got a new upper for my AR...

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