Friday, November 26, 2004

Wandering Holiday Post

Had a good Thanksgiving, as I hope all of you did. The highlight was crashing out with the family dog for two hours.

Note: I haven't been able to gloat about the election, as no liberals will talk to me. My cousin noticed an Ann Coulter book on my father's shelf and damn near puked. Later, when I asked her what her favorite "Bush stole the election" conspiracy theory was, she would not pay me the courtesy of a response.

Like I said, a nap with the dog was cool. They're better than blankets. A space heater with legs.

In any case, my father and I have agreed that we are splitting the cost of a .22 magnum, as a Christmas present to each other. This is a cartridge that he fell in love with several months ago. What we originally fired was a scoped Seiko (I think.)

Well my father hates glass. So in negotiations we settled on either the Winchester lever-action or the Henry Golden Boy .22 magnum, as a bolt-action was completely out of the question. Both of these rifles will mount a scope so I'm happy. Both also have decent iron sights, which makes the old man happy. What I need to know is what the best quick-release scope-mounts are. No, I don't want to hunt deer and people at the same time like some lovable Hmong I know. I want to be able to switch from irons to glass while at the range. I know these kinds of mounts will never be as accurate as a permanent scope mount, so don't proselytize.

As with every Christmas, I also find it becoming to buy myself a present or two. Last Christmas I bought my first .357 wheelgun and a Colt Combat Elite. The .357 has been shot once since purchase. I'm just not a wheelgun kind of guy. The Combat Elite (which has to be one of the coolest looking guns of all time) has been shot on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, it is all f***ed up. Either the barrel or the sights are screwy. Additionally, I think the rails on the slide might be screwed. It's a case of getting my ass in gear, getting it diagnosed, and getting it fixed. At that point it will probably be a really sweet shooter.

This year I am going for quality, not quantity. I've been stewing on this for awhile. 6 months ago I really wanted a Sig 9mm (a P226, I think.) After some thoughtful reflection and some egging on from Kirk at Limpidity, I decided to do the H & K USP, chambered in a .45 caliber. .45 wise, all I have are Colt 1911's. I don't even own a Kimber. So I started to research and their are a lot of different flavors. What's best?

Rambling post. Two questions:

What are good quick release (dovetail, I assume) scope mounts?

If you were going to buy a H&K USP chambered in .45 ACP, what flavor would you buy?

In finality, I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving and said a prayer for the men and women who are putting their shit on the line for freedom. My fat ass is sitting here typing while a real hero is clearing a house somewhere near Fallujah.

God bless.

I have an original USP. My buddy got a Tactical and it is nice (have not made up my mind on the sights yet) accurate and very functional. He needs to clean it as he has not cleaned it in over 3000 rounds. It has never had a function problem in all the time that he has owned it... I tell him to clean it every time as the military already did the 20,000 round no service test and he really does not have to replicate it...

I would go for an Expert if you can swing it as it seems to be making a name for itself in the IPSC world...

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