Sunday, November 28, 2004

There is Someone Out There!

From the old man:

The one comment I received was completely adolescent:

"The last thing that people who are pro 2A can afford to do is turn our back on the issue..."

If you read carefully, or at all, you will notice that I did not say turn your back on the issue, namely 2nd amendment. What I said was quit making it an issue. You have won, there is no foreseeable gun control legislation on the horizon nationally (local might be a different case), so quit fighting the last war and keep your eye on future wars. As long as you beat a dead horse, there is always the possibility that it will get up and bite you in the ass.

Heh, testy testy :)

I guess I deserve that adolescent label for putting a quote from Animal House in there...

You are right that at the moment we do not have an assault weapon ban on the table. You can put money on the fact that Feinstein and Schumer are already looking to throw everything that they can at the wall to see what sticks.

The hunting incident that Ben has posted about will give our esteemed congress critters and their ilk lots of ammo to try and come back with something even better than the last AWB (from their point of view).

So until the supreme court hears and rules favorably on the right for us to be able to protect ourselves through the use of firearms (there is a case up there right now) you can expect a continued barrage from anti gun side of our "government representatives" to try new and interesting ways of eliminating the 2nd Amendment.

The last battle in the war is indeed over, but the next battle will be starting ohhh about January 20...

Kirk (somewhere in his mid 30's)
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