Monday, November 22, 2004

Kill-crazy Hmong

This story is going far and wide as I type.

There are numerous aspects to this story. First off, we need to respect the cultural beliefs that Mr. Vang brought with him from the noble peoples of Laos to the forests of Wisconsin. He is part of a community. They seem not to notice one of the bedrock principles of this country, property rights. But multi-culturalism benefits everybody, especially those 6 dead people and the understanding of Laotian culture that I learned today.

I never knew that St. Paul was the largest Laotian refuge in the continental United States. I never knew that these people were so sensitive about God's green Earth. I never knew they produced Triple-A psychos. It was all a mystery before I read about his family saying he was a peaceful man.

Well, peaceful unless his wife pissed him off and then he'd just pull a gun.

This mutant should be executed immediately after his "speedy" trial. He killed people and wrought havoc on an untold number of lives. Wives, children, friends, etc.

Fuck reaching conciliation with people who produce this sort of invertebrate. Their community is worried about the backlash they may face. Aren't they worried about the destruction this man has inflicted on people? It's a deer hunt for God's sake.

In any case, forget about the cultural and violent aspect of the crime. The really important thing is that he used:


Blame that, not the asshole pulling the trigger.

Update: Triggerfinger has a good post on this as well. I will have more up later.

Hush hush Ku Klux baby... Hush hush.. You have no idea, yet you run your mouth. Your mouth could get you Killed.
wow, one man commits a crime, and now you've become judge jury and executioner for the whole hmong community. please tell us more insights you have about the hmong people. should they be corralled into container ships and sent back to laos? oh, sorry, you probably don't know where laos is. sorry for using unfamiliar terms here.
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