Thursday, November 18, 2004

I really am Sick

I ordered an Al Mar Sere and it showed up today. As is well known, I am what my fellow shooters call crippled (i.e. I am left-handed.) As such my first task was to reverse the pocket clip on this truly beautiful knife.

Well, I am so out of it, I tried to use a Torx wrench on a standard Phillips screw system. Both pocked clip screws are stripped so badly I will have to find some sort of extraction (probably epoxy and a dead instrument.) I have emailed the Al Mar people requesting replacement screws and begged insanity on being such an ass.

My advice: when you are whacked out sick, watch a movie or just go to bed. Don't attempt to gunsmith or dick with really expensive knives.


for the screw try here

Sears damaged screw removerI shoot all of my firearms left handed also and only the AR-15 throws brass down my shirt...

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