Sunday, November 21, 2004

Global Community Round-up

Quick review of what is going on in the world. (If you want to skip my BS and look at the picture I'm pissed off about, click here; otherwise read it and wait for the picture.)

We've killed 1,600 insurgents in Fallujah. That's a good start. And kudos to the men who are accomplishing this task. And lay off the poor fuck who happened to get caught on camera doing his job.

Sudan has surpassed 50,000 dead and there are another 200,000 refugees, some of who have been raped and disfigured.

The Ivory Coast, from my understanding, has issued a national edict to rape white women. This is a French Colony, and the French tend to get randy when they deploy, so I guess turnabout might be fair play?

The Congo; refer to the above.

In Denmark, a man has been stabbed a lot, had a handgun unloaded into his stabbed ass, and had a note pinned to his chest. He's a fucking filmaker.

Iran and NK keep rolling with the nuke program.

Bush is a dope.

But never fear, the UN is here.

Kofi is probably implicated in the LARGEST FRAUD IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. There's proof coming to light that this asshole knowingly let funds go to terrorists groups. For those of you who don't know this man, he heads the United Nations; the globe's savior; the last great hope; the only thing that can keep those crazy Yanks in check.

Let me introduce another buddy of mine: Robert Mugabe. Communist, Butcher, and Racist. If you want to see some of his handiwork check out this link. You have to scroll down for the pictures and pick the appropriately barbaric pictures based on the geographic area of that beautiful but heinous continent. Also note, this site does not necessarily agree with any of the opinions that are reflected on that site. In our opinion, the guy is a bit of a racist kook who shouldn't be living in Africa to begin with. But we live in New Mexico, so what the hell.

In any case, given the brief profiles we've given these two titans of peace and understanding, we found it heartwarming, that on the eve of us stupid Yanks giving thanks for killing so many people, these two future Nobel Peace Prize winners had time to break bread together.

It does my heart good to see to corrupt, murderous tyrants having a good laugh about the millions of their own people (they are both African, and that seems to be where they like to stick it) being slain by heinous means.

Let the merriment continue until we get our heads out of our asses and stop funding mini-genocides caused by assholes like these.

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