Friday, November 26, 2004

Give a Good Welcome to...My Dad

Shortly my father should be posting intermittent comments. He will not be regular, still note the name on the post, but he will be checking in.

For those of you unfamiliar, I like AR's, my father likes Garands. We both like 1911's, but he refers to my Glock as "the plastic gun." He is a wheelgun freak (but he also has a sweet-ass Colt Gold Cup), I have always been straight semi-auto. And to be sure, when I say wheelgun, I'm not talking about a .38. The man fires .44 magnum well. He is also the loader. 9's, .45's, .44's, etc.

The point is, we disagree quite a bit (case in point, he doesn't think I should swear as much as I do.) This applies to politics as well. My father is a stauncher 1A supporter than me. The list goes on. Occasionally he will be logging his disagreements with my ignorant ass, and I think that should provide interesting fodder.

The other thing is, he has ghosted a lot of gun blogs over the last three months (those no comment guys everybody bitches about.) Of my blogroll, he really likes The Head.

It could be once a week or once every 6 months, but the old man has access. Just thought I should warn you.

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