Saturday, November 13, 2004

Don't F*** with Jonah's Guys & Etc.

John over at Arrrrgh! has a nice post on the Ammo Buy-cott. As mentioned earlier, I bought a gun last week and held off until the first day of the "week" to purchase a buttload of ammo from

When I link to these guys, I can never remember how many R's are in Arrrrrrrrrgh. I don't know if that is salient or not. The post on Ammo Week somewhat wanders off topic, which I have no problem with because I'm going to do so shortly. He plainly posts a statement to goblins, mutants, and any other trash that resulted from Ted Kennedy pissing in the gene pool. What really threw me, is that his wife is good with a trench gun. A .44 gets a little testy for me sometimes, but his wife seems to do fine with large firepower. BTW, don't screw with their house.

As a segueway, I have a friend whose wife shoots better than me. She can take down a rabbit (obliterate might be a better word) with a 7mm at 250 yards. I need to bench a 30.06 to get a relatively good shot. I told him today that his wife makes me look like a wuss.

When I did speak to him, he mentioned he had a couple of Oryx depradation hunt licenses and didn't have anyone to go with. I have absolutely no experience hunting anything except fowl. Depradation hunts consist of shooting at herds from the road, from what I understand (NOTE I MAY BE WRONG). Bipods are allowed and all the rest. It is probably not as sporting as I would like it to be, but it may be ideal for my first big game hunt.

Benjamin - I wasn't wandering off topic... I was just being efficient and multi-tasking that post! National Ammo Day, plug the Arsenal, and remind people why they shouldn't come steal anything...

All related to 2nd Amendment stuff, eh?

I actually periodically post the Standard Disclaimers because I get the occasional dazed gun-hater who wanders in and is simply *sure* that my collection could not possibly be legal - and that once they figure out where I live I can be assured they are going to inform the authorities.

So, I delete their comments, and send them the email, snail mail, and telephones of local law enforcement. Who all know about my stuff, anyway! Heck, I gave a presentation on the collection to my Rotary Club, where the local Chief of Police is a member. He asked the best questions!

You all have an Oryx problem in New Mexico???

I thought that they were an african species...

Just remember that you are not supposed to wander off topic especially if you are bitching about some one else wondering off topic..

Ammo Buy-cott... (just picked up 700 rounds myself)
Girls and guns...
Oryx Depredation...

all in the same post... Heh...

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