Monday, November 08, 2004

Brief Respite

The election is over. If you want to see how wacky it was, try on Michael Moore. This guy is nothing if not tasteful.

If you want to find out how stupid you are, give Bob Herbert a whack. If you have missed my earlier posts on this rat-bastard, let me restate that I think he is a pusillanimous non-vertebrate who deserves all of the derision one could possibly throw at him.

Out of the fever swamps now (unless you want to slide over to for some really fascinating commentary.)

Moving on, we beat their ass. No apologies, no graciousness; we won and they lost. They can mull that over for the next four years. They can come up with any number of conspiracy theories, but this time there were not courts. Kerry gave it up, fair and square. And this "Uniter, not a divider" crap can go right out the window.

I also made a purchase in the days since the election. Generally, I'm not a wheelgun enthusiast. Glocks, CZs, 1911s, etc. are what I'm really all about. But seeing this gun was really an experience. Given that I never pass up a chance to better myself at the expense of someone who is suffering, I bought this barely fired gun off of some guy who needed money. He enclosed all of the documentation for the revolver.

Last night, I was looking at the receipts and realized the guy was on a payment plan. He couldn't afford the thing to begin with and then had to sell it. I had a slight pang of conscience. Being that tight on green sucks, especially if you are selling all of the crap you've saved up for, for the past few years.

In any case, Thursday is range day and I will have a report up.

Taurus makes a nice gun, but unlike most US wheelguns, they should not be dry-fired without using snap caps. Check the doc for yours.

Looks good! Do they make a speed loader for that thing? If so, get it - they are handy little gadgets.
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