Tuesday, November 09, 2004

AG and DoJ

I was a bit crestfallen today to find that the Bush administration was not going to keep Ashcroft for the second term. A lot of people bitch about Bush's weird avoidance of 2A issues, but Ashcroft was the biggest ally we had in the White House and he's gone. There's rumors Guliani is going to be up for the post. I like Rudy, he did a great job during 9/11 and I think he is a principled man who acts on his beliefs. Unfortunatley, one of his big beliefs is GUNS=CRIME. While a lot of people bitch about laws, regulations that executively enact law are far more dangerous, which was Ashcroft's strong point. Ashcroft dictated how gun laws were enforced and took the 30 day Brady retention of records down to two days. Guliani is a good man and a good politician (as far as that description can go), but he is solidly anti-2A and would be in a position to make The Brady Bill stronger through how the Justice Department enforces the law.

This is always a fault I have with Republicans. They tend to dispatch the worst candidate to a given job, when that person's talents could be utilized much more effectively in another capacity. They also tend to stick ideal candidates on the back bench. Ashcroft was the exception to the rule. And he was the first to be dropped in the new administration.

It is sorry to see him go. surprisingly enough, there has been very little turnover of administration so far. so some is to be expected. the public expects nomineees for vacant positions to reflect the fact that they voted for Bush who had particular positions. lets hope he does not cave in.

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