Monday, October 04, 2004

Short note on ammo

My father and I load most of our cartridges, with the notable exception of .22 lr (cheap) and .223 and .308 (mil-surp, cheap.) As far as pistols, we both shoot .45's and he is into the .44 Magnum shell, both of which it is worthwhile to reload, for accuracy and cost reasons.

What my father doesn't own, or want to own, is any 9mm handgun. I, however, own several. We have loaded these for awhile but have come to the conclusion that NATO mil-surp is cheaper.

To get to the point, I ordered 3,000 round off of . Great price, great service. The ammo came in today and looked good. The big thrill was the nice clean, new ammo cans that they were contained in. This is a vain point, but I really dig ammo cans. If I get any more of them, I'm going to start packing my clean socks in cans with dessicant.

Hey, welcome to the party. Always good to hear another voice of reason. Thems is rare in my parts.

-Bruce @ mAss Backwards
Good job on the blog. Nice, easy to read format. Keep up the good work.
I've been doing the commercial reload/mil-surp thing for eight years and I'm starting to get swamped with ammo cans. Time for a garage sale! Welcome to the blogging community -- Great blog!
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