Thursday, October 21, 2004

Range Report

Range day.

Haven't shot in four weeks, which is before the inception of this site. Brought the new LH Ruger 700 .223. It was extremely accurate, (it's already been pretty well sited in). As such, hitting a gong at 200 yards was not surprising and was thoroughly unentertaining.

I can hit whatever I want with that gun. No one would go to the 600 yard range with me.

Whenever I go, I always take a pistol with me, as the club has about 8 ranges and you can move.

Today's choice was the Glock 17 (I love that gun.)

It has fixed sights, which I have a hard time adjusting to. The other thing is, we shoot reloads. The last several trips, the charge wouldn't cycle the slide. That was all taken care of. My father made the load hotter and the other half of the ammo was mil-surp. No jams, no stovepipes, no nothing. What an impeccable gun.

My father is a big bore freak. If it is under .30 caliber, you are a pussy.

He brought his Ruger Redhawk .44 and the Henry .44 lever-action. This was the first day in months that nothing screwed up. Usually, sights pop off a gun, slides don't function, load tubes pop out, etc.

All the .44s were dead on. The only snag was .44 Specials through the rifle. Looking at it, I don't think it makes sense, but if anyone has recommendations, I'd love to hear them.

The only downer was the range Nazi. He shows up for 45 minutes with a 6.5 bolt, and can't hit shit ( i.e. 4" group with at scope at 100 yards.)

Said fascist, starts the day by yelling at a 12 year old who was pulling a bolt out the back of his dad's truck while the range was "cold." As we all know, touching the gun is Verboten while the range is cold. But instead of screaming "COLD RANGE, COLD RANGE!!! THERE IS NO GUN HANDLING ALLOWED!!!," the fucker could have approached the boy's father and addressed the problem. But no, the need to be a dick surpassed all of that.

What I give thanks for, is that I was going to bring a Noobie out today, and they bowed out. Thank God.

99.9999% of gun-nuts are the friendliest people you could find. The are helpful, amicable, and generally responsible members of society.

This shit, was part of the .00001% that probably gives the rest of us a bad name.

But I should grant him, that he had the balls to dress down a 12-year old for pulling a bolt-action rifle out of a truck while it was "cold." What a heroic hemmorhoid.

Lesson: Train people, don't shout at them. Oh and a little reminder, the world is not your oyster, and neither is the range, shitbag.

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