Friday, October 29, 2004

Paranoia Weekend

I'm feeling a bit fragile. First off, I have a unique situation. My business bought a building several years ago. The blueprint was perfect but we were loathe to rent out the second story because of liability issues. I, being the lone white guy nut with too many guns who seems nice and keeps to himself, ended up living in the second story. This has advantages and disadvantages. I will only speak of advantages. I have close to 1,300 square feet of room. I have a pellet gun range at 120 feet or so. I also make sure the building is secure during nights and weekends.

Today, I was on the road for most of the afternoon (I heard about our buddy 'Sama on the radio.) When I got back to the office a partner informed me that a bum was peaking in my door. The partner opened the door and spoke with the rancid sack of shit. Said vermin expressed interest in a job. My first instinct is that he was casing the premises. A little paranoia, but my high-cap Glock magazines came in today as well.

Secondly is my buddy Osama. The fucker hasn't been seen for 2 years or so, but surfaces 4 days before an election. This was not screened CIA material, it was aired like fat lady underwear over Al-Jazeera. If one recalls, prior to the Cole bombing, I believe he had a video 4 or 5 days before. These videos contain code that may activate certain cells. With the Cole bombing, he was wearing a distinct Yemeni dagger on his belt. Intelligence found this to be the the go-command to the Yemeni swine. As I said, I was on the road today, so I wasn't able to see any video. But some shit might blow up in the next several days, and that weirds me out.

Remaining hunkered and bunkered, and no homeless fucker better knock on the door or anything else within a mile radius.

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