Tuesday, October 12, 2004

My airgun obsession, contd.

It's worse than I thought over there.


First off, the nomenclature is always wrong in these articles. A firearm implicity uses ignition. An airgun uses air pressure to send a projectile.

Wayne Jacques, 20, of Weston Lane, Bulkington, admitted two charges of possessing a firearm and two charges of assaulting boys at Warwick Crown Court.

My translation, some guy who's nuts shoots some kids with an airgun. I don't think this story would even make it into my local paper. What's a "firearm"? What is an assault?

So what kind of havoc did Mr. Jacq...Wayne wrought? Pretty freaky shit.

The court heard how Jacques had walked down the street with an air rifle before repeatedly firing at a group of boys on the driveway of a Bulkington house in January.
One of the group was wearing a crash helmet, which was left with a dent from the attack.

Forget the initial Terminator, walking down the street "pumping round after round" and "spray firing" these innocent children. The net result was a dent in a bike helmet. Hell, award that kid a couple million in "pain and suffering." His fucking BIKE HELMET was damaged.

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