Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Last Debate, Thank God

This one was about as boring as the first one. Kerry sounded good, but didn't make any sense, and Bush was substantive, but bungle every phrase he possibly could have.

When the AWB came up, they were equally squishy.

I go back to my "life from the moment of conception" line of thought that Kerry provoked. Once again tonight, he had to mention he was a altar boy and that his religious beliefs run very, very, very, very, deep. More than a pleb like you or I could understand. Then comes the inevitable "but."

While being very Catholic, he feels it would be unfair to force any of his religion-inspired beliefs on the populace, because they may not be in agreement.

Now how can this fucker take that ludicrous position while being a liberal who wants to steal my money, ban my guns, shut down my business, and muzzle me as far as political speech goes. He wants to strip this country of its defenses, give up in Iraq, and nationalize health care.

But he won't force beliefs he holds on an unwilling third party. Bullshit.

UPDATE: As always Spoons has a less reactionary and more analytical post:

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