Sunday, October 31, 2004

I hate Bob Herbert

In case the title of this post did not convey my true feelings, let me extrapolate. This man plays the race card more than Jesse Jackson. To him, blacks are merely a weak minority that gets run over every time it tries to extend its opinions. Giving the District of Columbia the right to bear arms would be irresponsible, because we all know urban blacks cannot be trusted with guns.

This man is more of a nemesis to me than Paul Krugman or Maureen Dowd. This man believes people should be judged on their economic status or the color of their skin or the party they belong to. The King doctrine of judging someone's character is out the window.

His pre-election fare is some of the most vile, bilous rhetoric I've heard lately. This man is a disgrace.

Overseas, our troops are being mauled in the long dark night of Iraq - a war with no end in sight...

What is this "long dark night" crap? Of everything I've read about, talked to military people about, it is no long dark night. It is helping a, once subjugated population reach light from the depths they existed in before we deemed it worthy to free them. Don't get me wrong, Iraq would not have happened without 9/11 and I don't think the US should be the world police; but I know guys who were shot at while flying over so-called no-fly zones.

At home, the party of the sitting president is systematically stomping on the right of black Americans to vote, a vile and racist practice that makes a mockery of the president's claim to favor real democracy anywhere.

"A vile and racist" accusation that is thrown out there without any fucking support. This guy writes for the NY Times but gets his news from the Democratic Underground and Michael Moore. Mary Frances Berry (who is by no means non-partisan) and the rest of the US Civil Rights Commision concluded that their was not a single black person whose vote was deliberately obstructed or disfranchised (I'm no longer using the currently popular word, but the correct one.)

And this isn't voter intimidation or disfranchising, it is "stomping on the right of black Americans." This guy will need a rest at the giggle farm, regardless of who wins this election.

Unofficial estimates of the number of Iraqis killed in the war have ranged from 10,000 to 30,000. But a survey conducted by scientists from Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University and Al Mustansiriya University in Baghdad compared the death rates of Iraqis before and after the American invasion. They estimated that 100,000 more Iraqis have died in the 18 months since the invasion than would have been expected based on Iraqi death rates before the war.

That would be shocking if it wasn't already discredited. I'd find links, but it is prima facia ludicrous.

The scientists acknowledged that the survey was difficult to compile and that their findings represent a rough estimate. But even if they were off by as many as 20,000 or 40,000 deaths, their findings would still be chilling.

Did I mention that these numbers have been thoroughly discredited by numerous organizations? But even if the number is off by 50% it is still chilling.

Most of the widespread violent deaths, the scientists reported, were attributed to coalition forces. "Most individuals reportedly killed by coalition forces," the report said, "were women and children."

This is the voice a poor bastard who never got over the civil-rights movement and subsequent anti-war movement that happened over 35 years ago. If you think Coalition forces are killing women and children, you probably also wear an aluminum hat, think you live on the moon, or get a New York Times paycheck.

Also mind-boggling is the attempt by Republican Party elements to return the U.S. to the wretched days of the mid-20th century when many black Americans faced harassment, intimidation and worse for daring to exercise their fundamental right to vote.

When I was taught how to write an essay, the number one priority was maintaining your central topic. This guy swings between war atrocities and black voter disfranchisement like there was remotely possible link. Well, I guess there is; the Dreaded Republican Party. Every contribution you make to the RNC means they're buying more firehoses, dogs, and cattle-prods.

That's called voter suppression, folks, and the G.O.P. concentrates its voter-suppression efforts in the precincts where there are large numbers of African-Americans. And that's called racism.

Read the whole piece, but what this joker is trying to say is that the GOP suppresses votes through both known and unknown means. These attempts take place largely in urban black neighborhoods. His basic thesis is that black people are too stupid to know their own rights or read the Constitution, so just tell them to vote on Nov. 3, or tell them if they show up their children will be taken away.

Guys like Walter Williams, Bill Cosby, Thomas Sowell, etc. seem to have figured it out.

It's not the GOP that is racist, it's Bob Herbert.

UPDATE: Kirk over at Limpidity, rightly points out that I was somewhat derelict in this post, in that I did not cite any sources for my contention that the civilian casualty count Lancet threw up against the wall. The Washington Times published the facts about the so-called study. The poll only included 998 Iraqi households and extrapolated the questionable data to the entire country. Much like badly run domestic polls, I don't buy it. However, I should have provided evidence to back up my claim that Mr. Herbert is full of runny brown stuff.

"That would be shocking if it wasn't already discredited. I'd find links, but it is prima facia ludicrous."

It is your responsibility as a blogger to find the links lest you turn into Ran Rather and the MSM pushing an agenda without a shred of credible evidence pointing to the truth.

Linking to supporting documentation of a reputable source is the only thing that separates us from the worthless MSM. We back up our writings with the best proof we can find or we don't write.

Thanks for posting the link. It was good reading and helped me inject a bit of sanity in one of my liberal (yes I have a liberal friend) friends blog entries.

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