Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Gun safe bleg

Another question to throw out. If you use a handgun safe, what do you recommend?

Background: I am a partner in a business. I happen to be the one that spends the most time with seedy people and driving around in unknown territories. Therefore, I usually like to carry a pistol in the console. That, of course, entails bringing the firearm into the office. One of my coworkers brought up that a safe would be a good idea, in that we have several high school girls filing for us and whatnot. I'm not worried specifically about theft, but me and the coworker agreed that safety was an issue, with younger people who's background you can't readily ascertain.

So I bought a safe. It is a DoskoSport, which I suspect is Chinese. It seems to work alright, but the fucking thing talks to you. And it uses the Chinese approximation of a Texan accent.

Being that my issue is safety and stealth, does anyone own a quieter safe that is as easily accessible?

In all honesty, having gone through a few of these myself, my advice is to just go get a gunvault:


Everything else I've looked at has issues of security, reliability, noise, and so on and so forth, none of which exist in this model.

When you need a gun, you need it fast, and you've got to have confidence that your safe isn't going to hassle you about it.

They're a _little_ expensive, but worth every penny.
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