Sunday, September 26, 2004


I happen to be, what is popularly called, a Gen-Xer.

Most people I coerce with are older, conservative Baby-Boomers.

They are intelligent people, but I don't think there has ever been a generation as consistently wrong as theirs.

To the point: all of them predict a 60% win for Bush. My hesitation results from the fact that all of these armchair pundits said Clinton didn't stand a chance in '92. And for every 50-something convservative, who still wants his Social Security, there is an army of ex-hippies who want to socialize the way you eat, put on your pants, etc.

And then after the first term, they were positive Clinton would be trampled under the Dole Movement. Retrospect is 20/20, but Dole didn't stand a chance at the time. Everybody knew it but the people who hated Clinton to such a degree, that they couldn't comprehend voting for the man. But their wives did.

I'm not so confident that this is a wrap for Bush. Especially with predictions from people who have been so grossly wrong before.

Kerry is and admittedly weak candidate, (reference Michael Moore on this matter), but the country is LEFTist.

I took a crap this morning and my mainstay on the pot is US News & World report. Well, their editorial cartoon has a picture of a police officer asking an Arab of small stature where he is carrying his AR-15. The vertically challenged terrorist responds that he is going to hunt deer.

In such an ignorant climate, I can't bank on a Republican victory.

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