Sunday, January 30, 2005

Boomershoot hardware Update

I seem to have gotten my shit together to the best of my ability. I have a wacko Mil-dot scope mounted on your run of the mill deer rifle. You can see it here. Mine is still the most ridiculous looking in the bunch.

Kirk posted pics of his finally. Kirk's rifle looks like Kirk's rifle. It needs glass and all that, but I agree with replacing the bolt handle. So I guess I should just shut the fuck up.

Random Nuclear Strikes (or Nuculear, depending on your preference) posted pictures of his gun, but have since gone. He has a sweet bolt that I am sure he is probably tricking up at this point. If y'all have any leads, let these boys know.

Fourthly, Huffman is listing Rummel from Hell in a Handbasket as not coming. This is an unfortunate surprise. I was very much looking forward to meeting him, but it seems his attendance is not to happen in that fabric of time and space.

Sincerest Aplogies,


UPDATE: Unlike Mary Mapes, I have a strict standard of leaving posts up on my blog, no matter how idiotic they seem a day or a week later. This is one such post.

I have been sleeping quite a bit, in fact excessively for several days. I normally write posts under the influence of a couple of adult beverages. Looking at this post, I was just spaced out of my mind.

First off, I posit that my rifle "is still the most ridiculous looking of the bunch." The sentence makes sense, but this is before I mention other people's rifles. Therfore, there is no context to this statement.

Additionally, how I came up with the brilliant phrase that "Kirk's rifle looks like Kirk's rifle" is beyond me at this point. Who's rifle should Kirk's look like, if not Kirk's?

The whole letting the "boys" know about "leads" is just lint from a decrepit mind. I don't know what the hell I was talking about.

It is indeed unfortunate if Rummel is not attending. It is by no means a funeral dirge though. And from now on when I mention Joe or Boomershoot, I should probably provide a link, as context is the only thing that could have made sense of this shoddy post, but I failed to accomplish even that.

Ben, you are taking that advice on a cheek piece for your brute???

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